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Plex auto update - loses custom server access URL's


Respected Member
Hey everyone

I have Plex setup to run via Cloudflare - but every time Plex updates- I lose the custom server URL's I have entered (https://plex.domain.xyz:443)

As a result - Plex becomes uncontactable each time it updates.

Is there a way to stop Plex resetting these settings when it updates?



Respected Member
Does anyone have any ideas?

Every time Plex updates - I lose all my custom settings for Cloudflare CDN.


Junior Member

I am having the exact same issue. I ended up enabling 'Remote Access' as a temporary fix. I didn't bother asking on the forum since no one really replies and you're kind of on your own :/



Junior Member
Same here. Plex works great with the Cloudflare guide, but on update the Cistom server access url is reverted back to default and that breaks CDN. Any way to integrate this to installer to respect custom services on Plex container update?


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There's some custom PGBlitz network settings added to the docker image - whenever there's an update- it reverts back to these.

Basically means you can't run Plex with Cloudflare with PGBlitz - as it shits the bed when it updates.


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Plex updates when using a CIDN is broken at the moment.

Is there a way to edit the plex container config to stop reverting to http://plex.domain.xyd:32400 everytime there's an update?


Project Manager
I'll test this in PG9. At the moment in a few, pushing out the first early BETA in PG9. Since other broke some areas within PG8 and I haven't used CF with it, my info is limited. Since I use CF a ton now for other stuff, this will be less of a challenge. Traefik is working in PG9, though nothing has changed other than adaption for now.


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Full Member
Thanks @Admin9705.

Basically the issue is the Plex container has a custom PGBlitz field under "Custom server access URL's" - that specifies http://plex.domain.xyd:32400

Problem is that doesn't work when using Cloudflare - it instead needs to be "https://plex.domain.xyd:443"

So everytime Plex updates- it refers to the original "http://plex.domain.xyd:32400" and breaks Plex.
Ah that makes it easier to tshoot. Once they test in PG9 they can backport the fix to PG8. I was thinking about trying CF for my other server.


Junior Member
I have this same issue, and it is really annoying:( Hope there will be a fix for this anytime soon, as it works with CD really cool (except this update thing)

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