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Discussion Please help


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I have searched endlessly for the answer to this for the passed 2 days have have not been able to find this basic information anywhere on the forums or wiki. here is what I have so far:
I have blitz encrypted installed and working on my dedi
I have set up and deployed GCE feeder
I set up pg clone, then traefik using the same domain as my dedi (is this right?)
then I set up port guard, shield, restored apps from backup, then deployed apps

Now, Should the gce feeder have the same configuration as the the dedi? Domain should be the same?
Now what do I have to do to make sure the dedi uses the gce versions of the apps and not the ones installed on the dedi.
I am completely confused and this information is no where to be found someone please point me in the right direction


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Nope, new domain. Use duckdns for a free domain. Disable feeding apps on dedi.


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Nope, new domain. Use duckdns for a free domain. Disable feeding apps on dedi.
Yes I am realizing how difficult it is using the same domain, I just happen to have another domain already. So I am now restarting the entire process with the new domain.
Once I have everything setup on the GCE feeder and running correctly, how do i make sure the apps running on GCE can communicate with theapps on the dedi? do I need to chage setting on the dedi apps?


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Back it up and redeploy as needed (new feeder etc). Backup feature is great and i'd just restore your current dedi setup on feeder and disable current dedi arr's.
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