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Pi Network_Anyone else using?


Senior Member
Hi PG Community!!

Right so yesterday my house mate (my tenant actually) was like look at this Pi Network I have on my phone! I looked he invited me and now I have the sudden urge to try and beat his "Pioneer" count, which is basically new members you've invited to the Pi Network with your username.

This in turn does magical things such as increase your earning rate and boosts your ego!!

Now the guys behind this I believe are getting a community first before they even give this "alt coin" a push into the exchange. So this could literally go no where or somewhere? I have no idea. I have experience with mining, mostly with expensive ant mining equipment. It's just crazy now how you can have emulated software on your phone earning you Pi even with literally NO experience!
Kind of annoying but it's also a good idea, I guess.

I'm not to certain on how the halving works with this but I'm be reading up on that tonight. So if any of you use this then great (PM me even), if not give it a go , use my username if you like and it will just add me to your"pool" too!


If this needs to get removed then please remove it, I just figured you guys would be the best way to pretend I have lots of friends!

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