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Chat PGVault for Local Storage


Junior Member
Is there currently anyway to utilize the backup solution provided by PGVault for someone using local (NAS-based) storage for media? I'm currently not rsync'ing all of my media to the cloud yet due to local bandwidth concerns, but would still like to have a way to recover all the configurations I've made in PGB in case the instance I'm running were to fail for one reason or another. I understand that local storage is not the intended or typical use case here, but that's the current situation for me. I do have a GSuite account, and wouldn't be opposed to using it for storage of the backup files, just not my entire media library at the moment.

Is anyone else not using team drive for media storage? What is your solution for backup and recovery?


Read here

Just edit the path and add more lines you want.

But !!

That's made a user!! Own risk !!


Project Manager
Pgblitz is designed for remote storage. You'll have to fork it and mod it and as mrdoob mentioned above. The local edition is rarely used, but we added incase. Since the data is at one location, you can copy and backup anytime.

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