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PGtrakt auto add top 100 movies BUT taking into account existing movies


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I have been using pgtrakt on auto mode for a while but it seems that due to its nature i get more and more junk

My understanding of how PGtrakt works:

e.g if i use this command on cli:
sudo pgtrakt movies -l 30 -t watched_monthly

it will create a list of movies, sort them based on the options (in that case "watched_monthly"), removes all existing movies in my library and then adds the top 30

My question now would be:
Is it possible to modify the script or add an option so that the script is taking the existing movies into account -
e.g. the sorted watched_monthly containes 25 of my existing movies and therefore it only adds the missing 5
and if i would rerun the command right afterwards it would add no movies as i already have the top 30

This would be perfect for me

Is this somehow achieveable?
I'm aware that i could play around with the time between auto pgtrakt cycles but i would prefer the above mentioned solution

All the best


use crontab for this

sudo crontab -e

past the command
@daily pgtrakt movies -l 30 -t watched_monthly >/dev/null 2>&1
or overe bash file

pgtrakt shows -t anticipated

sleep 5

pgtrakt movies -t anticipated

crontab -e
@daily bash /root/pgtrakt.sh


Respected Member
thanks for your answer but i think there is a missunderstanding

Your code basically runs pgtrakt automatically -
this is something i have already achieved and it works but with a (from my point of view) small flaw

to make it easier i will use only a list of 6 movies:

Trakt API delivers the following movies as the Top 6 monthly_watched movies

Movie A
Movie B
Movie C
Movie D
Movie E
Movie F

Additionally we assume that i dont have any movies in my radarr setup

so the first time i run
sudo pgtrakt movies -l 3 -t watched_monthly
it will add
  • Movie A
  • Movie B
  • Movie C
to my radarr setup

the second time i run (and we assume the above list hasnt changed)
sudo pgtrakt movies -l 3 -t watched_monthly
it will add
  • Movie D
  • Movie E
  • Movie F
to my list because it recognized that i already have A,B and C in my list

What i would like to achieve is that in that particular case it will simply add nothing to my list
because the Top 3 Movies are A,B and C and those are already on my list

-> i have been running PGtrakt on automode for quite a while and with very low numbers to add but due to the system of skipping existing movies it has added movies and tv shows which have been on place 4249 due to the enormous amount of skipping as i have now 100TB worth of movies and shows
this has led to having a lot of crap in my plex system that most likely noone will ever watch
Still i would like to use e.g. the anticipated feature or most_watched feature to download e.g. the top 100 but really just the top 100

Does this make it clearer?

All the best


You could instead not use pgtrakt and instead use the built in Lists feature of Radarr to do what you want.

You could also filter the trakt results by rating_limit, which will help remove the junk


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The radarr lists thing is something i used before pgtrakt but it only works for Radarr - no Sonarr support

and the problem with the ratings is that i dont agree with them most of the time - there are films with rather high ratings i hate and low rated films i love ...

So there is no way to remove the skipping of the existing films/shows - thats unfortunate

I will try to play around with the time between cycles

Thanks a lot


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