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Discussion PGMove - Files moved, PGBlitz sees free space, but Virtual drive huge!


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Hi Team

Been using /mnt/move to transfer existing files to google drive. Successfully moved about 4tb over say 3 weeks.
Tried moving a bunch of television shows and PGblitz shows there is free space on the vitual drive 11gb/1.7tb, unionfs shows its in the correct place. But the VDI on my phyiscal HDD is showing 900gb on a 2tb HDD. Did something fail? is there some way to resync it? Ive tried rebooting VM a couple of times but no dice so far. This has been like this for about 3-4 days.

Using Blitz Encrypted with 4 or so teamdrive members.



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Yeah i realise it changes size when needed, but thats the question why is it so large when blitz reports only 11gb used? Is everything else not on the google drive like intended?

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