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Just a note to others who might experience this issue..... in my authorised users list I had entered my email address as all lower case. The email address was correct but I kept getting the unhelpful 'not authorized' error after authenticating against google login.

This made no sense and was driving me mad, lots of reading of logs later and I noticed that the oauth container log was receiving my email address back from google as A........ rather than a..........

I went into google gsuite account admin portal and updated my email address in there so that it was all in lower case. (Should have been like this from the start but I guess I had tried to be too clever when originally setting up my account in google).

Retried the login via verification page and voila worked straight away.....

So in summary make sure the email address case is EXACTLY the same as your email address in the google admin portal. NB Google is not case sensitive itself as I was logging in to the google user verification all in lower case, but google would still send my capitalised email address back to PG Oauth.

Mystery solved for anyone having strange 'not authorized' errors - this could be the problem.
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