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Solved pgblitz only synching to tdrive

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I have pgblitz running since quiete a while now without any problems but recently i decided to move some of my sections to the higher file limit gdrive instead of tdrive. So i made a dir on gcrypt for that section manually moved some files there and it appeared in my unionfs under /mnt/unionfs/newsection but when downloading files for that section, pgblitz always creates the same dir on tdrive and moves the downloaded files there. is that the expected behavior and what can i do to accomplish my use case?


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For anyone trying something similiar in the future. Pgblitz is only uploading to tdrive by design. You have to switch to pgmove for gdrive uploading. So in order to solve this i created a seperate service from the default pgblitz.service and let it run a slightly modified pgmove.sh that does itself sources cloneclean.sh which has to be modified aswell. the modification is needed in order for the normal pgblitz to function without interruptions. I created a seperat downloads folder under /mnt/gdrivedownloads aswell as a /mnt/gdrivemove so after changing the mentioned scripts to point to those directories and my postprocessing script in sabnzbd to move files to gdrivedownloads the upload worked as expected :D
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