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Guides PGBlitz encrypted


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I am running PGBlitz encrypted as tdrives. I moved my stuff to /mnt/move and it successfully moved according to ip:8555 and checking the status on that page.

Under /mnt/unionfs I see my google drive and also the folder I uploaded there but the folder is empty, where would I find my encrypted content? under tdrive I have encrypt but that is unreadable. I upgraded from test 6 to beta 2 in hopes it may fix my issue but did not help.


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I mean how do I access the unencrypted content on pgblitz? I don't see it under any /mnt directory unencrypted.

I see tcrypt contains unencrypted files but I don't see the files from /move, I think they may have been lost as I am not sure if /move is supported or not for encrypted drives. I will recreate the entire drive to try again.
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