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Discussion PG Patrol is not kicking transcodes


Blitz 3rd Class
I have it deployed but its not kicking transcodes, if i start a transcode and then check with:
sudo systemctl status pgpatrol
It displays this:
mar 08 14:39:05 laptop-N550JK patrol.py[8571]: 2019-03-08 14:39:05,840 - INFO   
mar 08 14:39:05 laptop-N550JK patrol.py[8571]: 2019-03-08 14:39:05,859 - ERROR
Is there anyway to get a more detailed error message? i have no idea where to go from here.


Project Manager
ya i would have to come back to this and the absense of answers means that others are not having issues. mine is currently working. i hate python to some extent because it can be very finiky.


Blitz 3rd Class
I was looking around and i found that "Killing streams is a Plex Pass only feature. " is this why i won't work for me? it didnt say this in PG Patrol so thats why im asking. Im not a Plex Pass user


Blitz 3rd Class
I think that was the issue, i tested with tautulli now instead of PG Patrol and it works fine with plexpass account.


Blitz 3rd Class
For future readers I also forgot to mention that if you need a more detailed status log than what
sudo systemctl status pgpatrol
gives you

You can open status.log in
It will give a much more detailed status of whats happening, even tho it didn't help me very much in my case.
2019-03-21 15:26:02,728 - INFO       - pgpatrol                                 -  check_streams            - Checking stream: Fr4nsson is playing (Censored) using Plex Web. Stream state: playing, type: transcode (video & audio). Session key: (Censored)
2019-03-21 15:26:02,732 - ERROR      - pgpatrol                                 -  check_streams            - Unable to kick the stream of Fr4nsson, not sure why...
The above error Im 95% sure is related to me not having a plex pass account at that time of testing. Tho Im to lazy to confirm, so if you're having problem with PG Patrol and you're reading this, its probably that.
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