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Discussion Oneprovider E3-1240 V2 user. Thinking about changing to a new Dedi. Budget 35 euros


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I have been using an E3-1240v2 dedicated server from Oneprovider (located in Paris) for few months for a cost of 27.41 USD (tax included).

I'm partially happy with it but I would like to have something a bit better that will struggle less when my Plex users don't listen to me and decide to transcode.

As far as I know, please correct me if I'm wrong, Hetzner auction servers have better speed than the ones from Oneprovider as they have 1Gbps unshared.

Can anyone recommend me an small upgrade from what I currently have with paying much more?

Just in case it's important: 7 of my users are in Europe and 4 are in Los Angeles

My budget is 35 euros
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Look at the Hetzner EX42-NVMe (or non-NVMe) it is a much better server than most auction servers for the same price.

For peering, I wouldn't be surprised if your LA users will have issues streaming high-bitrate things, that is a very long haul.

For a low cost test, you could stand up a Hetzner cloud instance and just install a speed test tool or a small plex instance and have them test.


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thanks for the info @TFArchive :)

In terms of the peering would it be much worst than what I currently have on Oneprovider Paris to my users in Los Angeles?

None of them complained yet about streaming issues, but obviously it would be quite bad if I switch from Oneprovider Paris to Hetzner EX42 and they start having issues

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