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Ombi - Force Download Priority


Respected Member
Hi all,

I've got a massive backlog downloading at the moment, and was wondering whether there was a way that Ombi user's requests could automatically be prioritised by NZBGET. This way those downloads skip the queue and users aren't waiting for ages for it's turn to download.

I can't find anything online which makes me think not, but maybe someone here knows how?



Junior Member
I think this is something you’d need to do in sonarr/radarr etc since ombi just pushes the request through to them. You can adjust the priority on the download client menu but it would affect all downloads not just requests.

The only thing I think you could do is have a separate sonarr/radarr running which ombi is connected to so you can set the priority.


Respected Member
That sounds like a really good idea. I guess an extra radarr/sonarr/lidarr running may impact CPU though? I'm running at around 40% at the moment, sometimes going up to about 55%. Do you reckon it would start impacting on performance?


Junior Member
Performance wise it’ll depend on your server. The way I’d do it is to import the requests once a week or so to my main sonarr etc and have that monitor if needed, then remove from the ombi sonarr.

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