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If you 'cat' the cont-init.d/30-config file, the last entry in the file should be:

exec /config/installer/installer.sh


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Can you explain the putting tv,movies in the bypass and not just in the catagories for sonarr and raddar

Edit: I can confirm the 30-config is as followed
#!/usr/bin/with-contenv bash

# delete lock file if found
[[ -f /downloads/nzbget.lock ]] && \
        rm /downloads/nzbget.lock

# check if config file exists in /config
[[ ! -f /config/nzbget.conf ]] && \
        cp /defaults/nzbget.conf /config/nzbget.conf

# permissions
chown 1000:1000 \
chown 1000:1000 -R \
        /app/nzbget \
chmod u+rw \

chmod 777 -R \
chmod 777 -R \
chmod 777 -R \

exec /config/installer/installer.sh
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This deployment overwrites the default nzbget pp script with a slightly modified one, taken from an issue thread on GitHub. (ought to merge it in really...)

What it allows for, is multiple catagories to be added as bypass catagories, rather than just one. When a catagory is set to bypass, they will still be processed, but then passed back to nzbget and marked as complete. Rather than being passed on to sonarr or radarr directly.

There are 2x benefits here. Firstly, this can be preset, so less user configuration needdd. Secondly, and now more importantly, the sonarr/radarr download handler with work with remote path sharing.


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Just installed this - used the method of installing nzbget first then the mp4 version afterwards.

However when all set up I am getting a PP failure when it passes to the MP4 script

MP4/Automator/NZBGetPostProcess.py for filename failed (terminated with unknown status)


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I installed the base image and NZBGet loaded just fine. I then installed this on top afterwards, and now NZBGet won't even load. I checked portainer and it's running fine.


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The first time you run this it will take some time because it is building the packages. Check the logs on portainer.


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@Klavikus did yiu manage to sort the

MP4/Automator/NZBGetPostProcess.py for filename failed (terminated with unknown status) ?

ive tried this again and my errors are :-

Executing post-process-script MP4_Automator/NZBGetPostProcess.py for Knight.Rider.S02E03.REMASTERED.BDRip.x264-PHASE

ERRORSun Jun 30 2019 18:57:47Post-process-script MP4_Automator/NZBGetPostProcess.py for Knight.Rider.S02E03.REMASTERED.BDRip.x264-PHASE failed (terminated with unknown status)
INFOSun Jun 30 2019 18:57:47NZBGetPostProcess: SyntaxError: invalid syntax
INFOSun Jun 30 2019 18:57:47NZBGetPostProcess: ^
INFOSun Jun 30 2019 18:57:47NZBGetPostProcess: MP4_FOLDER=~/sickbeard_mp4_automator/
INFOSun Jun 30 2019 18:57:47NZBGetPostProcess: File "/config/scripts/MP4_Automator/NZBGetPostProcess.py", line 17

this is how i have my NZBGetPostProcess.py setup

### OPTIONS ###

# Change to full path to MP4 Automator folder. No quotes and a trailing /

# Convert file before passing to destination (True, False)

# Category for Couchpotato

# Category for Sonarr

# Category for Radarr

# Category for Sickbeard

# Category for Sickrage

# Category list (comma seperated) for bypassing any further processing but still converting

# Custom output_directory setting

Any help appreciated


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ive tried on 2 different servers and exactly the same results.
so unfortunately for me i cant do ANY automatic mp4 converting :(
tried so far :-
1 : nzbget-mp4
2 : manic

Is there anything else ?
Assists Greatly with Development Costs


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has anyone got nzbget-mp4 running with minimum setup ? my setup is default with /mnt/unionfs/ paths.

really desperate if anyone could please shed any light.


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You shouldn't be editing the NZBGetPostProcess.py you should be changing those settings inside NZBGET. Editing the python file directly can cause errors. As it has been established unless you are using the special lib you really don't need this version. You can install just nzbget and then access the docker directly and install sickbeard normally by following the directions on the offcial github. I will say that our built in one here is super broken and really not useable unless you know what you are doing.

I believe the correct path should be /config/scripts/MP4_Automator/ also and change should convert to TRUE
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lol super broken ... your telling me tbh id have thought this would be one off the key element programmes as we know plex transcoding kills your server.

thank you for the reply i will give that a go


Senior Member
Well you can have sonarr and radarr encode to mp4. Honestly a lot of my users transcode and my server doesn't really have a problem. But I still have nzbget encoding to mp4 then sonar and radarr picking it up and running it back thru to complete the moving of the moov atom as I have read this helps with playback


Respected Member
i would really love to get this going, i have removed nzbget totally and re installed and reinstalled the nzbget-mp4 over the top.

i have added the path /config/scripts/MP4_Automator/ and changed to True

i have these following errors

ERRORWed Jul 03 2019 23:10:55Post-process-script MP4_Automator/NZBGetPostProcess.py for 24.S08E23.HDTV.XviD-LOL failed (terminated with unknown status)
ERRORWed Jul 03 2019 23:10:55NZBGetPostProcess: None
INFOWed Jul 03 2019 23:10:55NZBGetPostProcess: ImportError: No module named babelfish
INFOWed Jul 03 2019 23:10:55NZBGetPostProcess: from babelfish import Language
INFOWed Jul 03 2019 23:10:55NZBGetPostProcess: File "/config/scripts/MP4_Automator/readSettings.py", line 11, in <module>
INFOWed Jul 03 2019 23:10:55NZBGetPostProcess: from readSettings import ReadSettings
INFOWed Jul 03 2019 23:10:55NZBGetPostProcess: File "/config/scripts/MP4_Automator/NZBGetPostProcess.py", line 74, in <module>
INFOWed Jul 03 2019 23:10:55NZBGetPostProcess: Traceback (most recent call last):
ERRORWed Jul 03 2019 23:10:55NZBGetPostProcess: Wrong path to sickbeard_mp4_automator: /scripts/MP4_Automator/
Showing records 1-10 from 650


Respected Member
[INFO] Executing post-process-script MP4_Automator/NZBGetPostProcess.py for 2.Broke.Girls.S05E22.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION

[ERROR] NZBGetPostProcess: Wrong path to sickbeard_mp4_automator: /config/scripts/sickbeard_mp4_automator/

[INFO] NZBGetPostProcess: Traceback (most recent call last):

[INFO] NZBGetPostProcess: File "/config/scripts/MP4_Automator/NZBGetPostProcess.py", line 74, in <module>

[INFO] NZBGetPostProcess: from readSettings import ReadSettings

[INFO] NZBGetPostProcess: File "/config/scripts/MP4_Automator/readSettings.py", line 11, in <module>

[INFO] NZBGetPostProcess: from babelfish import Language

[INFO] NZBGetPostProcess: ImportError: No module named babelfish

[ERROR] NZBGetPostProcess: None

[ERROR] Post-process-script MP4_Automator/NZBGetPostProcess.py for 2.Broke.Girls.S05E22.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION failed (terminated with unknown status)

so frustrating !!


Senior Member
well the /config/scripts/MP4_Automator/ you can see is the correct path it was reading the file you are missing a dependency. Did you let it complete the build process after you the docker container was created. That process and take 10mins or more on first run.

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