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Discussion not uploading new downloads to Gdrive


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Server one (Old server): VPC on ssdnodes running PG Edition: GDrive - 6.007
Server two (new server): Local ubuntu box running out my house. PG Edition - GDrive - edge | Server ID: Plexserver

Originally I was running everything in the cloud on server one. They started throttling my CPU usage so I set up "server two", installed Plexguide, and was just running the actual plex application on that server, with the downloader and indexers in the cloud, and everything was working great.
I do not plan on renewing the VPC from ssdnodes so I needed to move sonarr, radaar and nzbget to my local home server (server two). The move went fine (restored the online backups) and all seemed to be working correctly.

Ive now noticed that while new shows and movies are downloading, they are not going up to Gdrive. However plex is seeing gdrive and all movies new and old are available to me. Im sure this is a config setting somewhere and what I have noticed is that the Unionfs folder has my file structure with everything avaiable, while the Gdrive has my file structure only previous movies and tv shows are there, the plexguide folder is empty.

Any troubleshooting helps is appreciated and Thanks in advance.


Junior Member
Just Create new keys for PG Clone

[4] PG Clone : Mount Transport
[1] Utilize PG Clone - PGBlitz's
[7] Key Management
pick a number depending on your needs
add the emails to your drive.
[A] Deploy

they should start uploading.

PD: if you still need this or for someone else that need it

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