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Nightmare radarr transfer from one server to another - please help


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Please help if you can - I’ve been on this hours :/

I have a Synology NAS with radarr/sonar/etc/etc all working perfectly. I have over 1000 movies that I’m most concerned about.
As my list of friends has grown, my Synology cannot cope so well with the transcoding of multiple streams - so I read here and learned as much as possible (my Linux knowledge is essentially zero), and I’ve bought a hetzner Ubuntu server with a good spec.

I installed plexguide (this is amazing thank you!) and have managed to get it working to a point with my google unlimited account. I have plex working, movies added (by hand) to my google drive folders appear in plex, life is good. Radarr is my next hurdle. Installed, it’s of course empty. And I want to transfer my movie collection to the hetzner server.

So - because I have poor upload (only about 10mbit) at home, I think the best way is to migrate radarr from my Synology NAS to the new server, and let radarr send the requests for all 1000 ‘missing’ movies to sabnzbd. This shouldn’t be too hard I thought.

I’ve read about backing up my radarr on the Synology, stopping the docker for radarr on the new server, then I ftp my extracted backup to the correct path for the settings of radarr (opt/app data/radarr) make sure owner and permissions are correct, then restart the docker the site just doesn’t work. I get a ‘could not connect to the server’ message when I go to the url that just worked previously for radarr (my www.server.com:7878 for example). I also note radarr container cpu load is very high compared to sonarr (which is also empty - a job for after radarr lol)

If I remove the files I backed up and replace with the ‘clean’ files from the plexguide install of radarr, restart the radarr docker, now it works again bu of course is empty.

I’ve tried removing radarr completely, replacing one file at a time, a lot of things - but nothing I have done has worked.

I would be really grateful if someone has experience moving from one server to another the radar database/config.



Data Hoarding Primate
Why not just tell Sonarr/Radarr to use the (hetzner) NZB download client? Or alternatively go with a fresh start? You'll generally find it's a heck of a lot quicker to download content on a gigabit connection than it is to upload the content at 10Mbit.


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Thanks - I had no intention of uploading - simply wanted to move the config across (along with the database of where the movies are on disk) at which point I was hoping radarr would go ‘all these movies are now flagged as missing - I need to download them all again!’ - and put them on my gdrive so I don’t have to upload movies to gdrive myself.

It’s frustrating to have radarr fully working on my Synology and to not be able to copy just its database elsewhere easily to kick off all the downloads again.

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