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Discussion NewsGroupDirect - Download Cap


Blitz Sergeant
Hi All,

pretty shocked, I started removing some downloads from NZBGet as it appeared to be stuck and a little more probing showed that my provider is denying access as I've got a download limit on my unlimited subscription.

[ERROR] Authorization for newsgroupdirect (nl.newsgroupdirect.com) failed: 502 Access Denied (Download Cap Hit)

having checked Sonarr alone I've done just under 10 terabytes in a couple of weeks and not sure how big Radarr is but jeez I've downloaded a lot!

but anyone else experience these cap issues on unlimited?


Blitz 1st Class
yes I used them a couple of years back if memory serves me right there "unlimited" was equivalent to so many GBs a day or just over 5TBs a year. They might of upped their daily since then but I can try to find the emails "if i still have them" when I went back and forth with their support. Also if you logged into thier web portal they should still have a bandwidth monitor. again been a couple of years.


Blitz Sergeant
Hi mate,

what do you mean by that? the provider I've stated as "newsgroupdirect" so I genuinely don't know what you're referring to when you say who I have?


Blitz 3rd Class
I have same issue and when contacting them they claim there support is down and they cant assist until there systems are back up.


Data Hoarding Primate
It's apparently set at some obscene limit, if you contact support the limit is reset, up till today I only knew of two other people who have ever hit it - i'm one of them and I can vouch for it being something most people on a normal connection would never encounter.


Blitz Sergeant
Hi mate,

that's interesting, don't get me wrong I've downloaded a lot but I'm baffled how I could have reached something that high. due to the GCE setup my downloads are capped at 50MB/s to ensure I can upload as fast as it downloads and I've only on a handful of occasions had queued downloads running 24/7 due to the high amount (400ish) other than that it's just a bulk of seasons now and then.. I can't quite see me being in that small bracket of people. I suppose I'll have to see what support say.


Blitz 3rd Class
Still have no word, I got it after downloading about 1500 tv shows on one server and 500 movies on another lol. There was alot of traffic, consistently downloading at 60 MBps on both servers. Now i use Thunder news at 110 MBps and use Eweka for the ones that fail due to health.


Blitz 3rd Class
I can't find the reddit post, but I seem to remember reading that there is a 40TB/month soft cap on Newsdemon. I know this thread refers to Newsgroupdirect, but they are owned by the same person (Greg) so the cap may be similar on NGD.

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