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Newbie questions....

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Junior Member
Hi ,

I would like to start setting up my rclone.
it says:
PG Clone | 📓 Reference: pgclone.pgblitz.com
but the link does not exist?


Junior Member
ok ....how do i set up normal rclone?
I dont want to move anything anywhere, can i just use rclone config?


Junior Member
If you want rclone and nothing else, you could simply install rclone. It's gotten really stable and hasn't resulted in api bans for a while (in my case at least). Lots of tutorials out there on how to set it up so you can google that:
Here is their documentation page: https://rclone.org/docs/

For basic setup Spaceinvader is a hero over at unraid who makes amazing tutorials. Obviously you will need to omit and change some steps if you aren't on unraid, but his video covers the basics for educational use:


If you are going to use pgblitz/plexguide (which you should, the developers and community have done an awesome job with this project), you should just do the full setup. It low on resources and with docker you can pick and choose what you would like. Doing a full install now will ensure that everything is in the correct structure and you will have less issues down the road.

PGblitz's youtube should cover 90% of the info you need. Anything else can be googled or found here.


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