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Discussion New install and I have questions


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Good evening everyone. I've been running a local Plex server for many years and over the past year started using Plexguide to deploy my utilities (radarr/Sonarr/nzbget) but I've always kept my plex on a completely separate VM. I'm playing around with moving my data into my Gdrive to test and if Im happy I'll flip from my legacy free edition to a gsuite biz. I've racked up @ 20TB of stuff spaced out around 3 buffalo NAS in my closet. Everything is mounted via CIFS under /mnt/nas* .

My question is how can/do I use PGMove (hopefully PGBlitz) to copy some data up to test using gdrive/tdrive for my future storage. I'm not all the savy with Linux so Im thinking it maybe just my lack of knowing the cmd line tools. Any pointers and assistance is appreciated.

hopefully Im making sense....


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No worries I find some other posted that helped me get my files transferring. Move wasnt the best option since it would copy from my local NAS to my local VM driver then upload. I mounted my nas folder to /mnt/move which seems to be working faster.

I do have another question since you are here. I like to run my plex separate from my downloader. When I want to mount my tdrive to plex I use the PGBlitz mount option. I dont need the entire move setup on my plex. Is there an easier way to mount my tdrive?

Hopefully that makes sense.
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