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Discussion Moving installation / container location?


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Hi, all. The installation went swimmingly (so I thought), and have got nearly everything configured to my liking. I've also just completed moving several TB over to Google encrypted- so that's all good!

The issue I'm having is running out of space on my primary drive.
My current server is setup with a 20gb / mount, and a 2TB /home mount point. It looks like pgblitz installed in /opt (so on the 20gb partition).

Everything was working, and I didn't notice a problem, until watchtower filled up the drive. I managed to use
docker image prune -f
to get rid of the surplus containers, and turn off watchtower temporarily.

I have already reconfigured the processing location to be under /home.
Is there a way to move the containers to that directory as well? Some configuration in the menus or portainer I'm missing? Do I have to reinstall?

Thanks for your help.



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Well, for posterity, I figured this out, sort of - I am using oneprovider

Based on this clue: https://pgblitz.com/threads/raid-with-oneprovider-ovh-mtl.1016/post-9987

I moved my opt directory to /home/opt
1. Stop all docker containers : docker kill $(docker ps -q)
2. Move my opt directory to /home/opt : mv /opt /home/opt
3. Create a symbolic link to /home/opt from /opt: ln -s /home/opt/ /opt

I tried doing the same for /var/lib/docker, but pgblitz / docker was *VERY* unhappy with that.

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