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Guides Moving data from seedbox to server via Resilio-sync (resilio configuration)


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So I went through a process recently trying to setup a remote seedbox for torrent downloads. Up to this point I have almost exclusively used Usnet but I was having trouble finding certain things. I could however find the content I was looking for on torrents. I tried running a torrent client on my feeder server but I ran into issues with my service provider. I did not want to get kicked off my dedicated server provider, so I started looking into seed boxes. I ended up purchasing a seedbox from rapidseedbox. After configuring the seedbox and setting up sonarr and radarr with Deluge [The bittorrent client on the seedbox] I ran into the issue of how to get downloaded content into google drive. There were options to directly upload from the seedbox but they were glitchy and slow. So rather than upload from the seedbox to google drive I opted to place the files on a local folder on my feeder server using Resilio sync. This way Sonarr and Radarr can import the files, rename them and upload it google drive for me. Just like how its setup with Usnet.

Below is a diagram of how my server is supposed to work


So why am I making this post?

Well because Resilio sync was a real pain the a** to setup and took me way longer to figure out how to get working then I care to admit. SO I decided to go ahead and post this for anyone else who was struggling.

Step 1

On your seedbox, have your bittorent client move completed downloads to a separate folder

Step 2

Have Resilio on your seedbox share the folder that your completed downloads are moved to

Step 3

Install Resilio and Cloud cmd on your server with sonarr and radarr via plexguide community apps. (alternately you can use sftp rather than Cloud cmd)

Step 4

Via Cloud cmd navigate to your Resilio config file. Mine was located under /mnt/opt/appdata/resilio/config/sync.conf


Step 5

Edit your config file. There are two main things we need to change / add. Under directory_root change it to /mnt and under dir_whitelist ADD /mnt


Step 6

Close the config file saving changes. Then back out to your /mnt directory and add a folder. I called mine Seedbox


Step 7

SSH into your server and login via root. Then run the command chmod 777 /mnt/nameOfFolder

(basically change the permissions on the folder we created)

Step 8

Restart Resilio sync via Portainer.

Step 9

Go into Resilio and add the shared folder via key or link from your seedbox. Set the destination folder to the folder we created under /mnt. In my case /mnt/Seedbox

Congrats your seedbox completed download folder should now upload to your server.

To get sonarr or radarr to automatically import things after they have been downloaded you need to add a remote path mapping in sonarr and radarr.

It should be something like
Host: [same thing as host under clients settings in sonarr or radarr]
Remote Path: [Path on seedbox] Mine is /home/user/Downloads/completed
Local Path: [Local path to Resilio folder] Mine is /mnt/Seedbox

Sonarr will now be able to download items via torrent on your seedbox and import them automatically. Torrent downloads will take longer and sonarr will sometimes give an error saying there is nothing to import. The reason is because the torrent client is reporting the download as finished but resilio isn’t done uploading yet. Once the upload finishes sonarr should pick it up and go ahead and import it. I wouldn’t recommend torrents for your main source of content. However for older shows and missing episodes that I can’t get off NZB geek, torrents fill in the gaps. Personally I leave automatic searching off for torrents and let Usnet handle the bulk of my downloads. But for the occasional download it works well and its nice not have to manually upload it to google drive and import it manually.

Alternatively, you can just not be as stupid as me and not get caught torrenting by your dedicated server provider.


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I simply cannot believe that i am the first to say thank you for your effort here.
Whilst i have no need for the information, i understand your need and greatly appreciate your sharing.
Great effort.

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