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Move PMS to PGBlitz

Assists Greatly with Development Costs


I have a hetzner server with PMS running on it but it doesn't work well so I plan to install PGBlitz on that server and move the PMS to PGBlitz. I have a lot of PMS viewing history etc which I am confused how to move once I install PGBlitz.

I am willing to pay USD 10 as a donation to anyone who can do it for me as I am really concerned of messing it up if I do it myself as the history is very important for me. All I need is to move the PMS on the same server to work from PGBlitz and maybe also if possible to move USonarr & Radarr as well to PGBlitz.

I would really appreciate if someone who has done this in the past can also do it for me.

Assists Greatly with Development Costs

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