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Discussion /mnt/move gone


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Woke up this morning to error in pgui saying cant find directory, I remount gdrive and reboot system, still errors, I check directory structure and notice /mnt/move is not there, I manually recreate and refresh and it's gone again, now I'm stumped still getting errors and I have no clue what to do.


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I think the new code to remove empty folders is doing this.
I think your right, I have been pulling my hair out, doing a fresh install of ubuntu and pgblitz and still having this happen,

Will this affect the importing of newly downloaded media? Because the Move folder wont exist to move media into?


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Not sure what's causing it, but just built a new server 2 days ago and haven't seen this issue. Nothing attempts to remove the folder.
redeploy pgclone and see. it was just updated 2 days ago, maybe you don't have the latest code in place.

definitely some changes in the logic to clean up empty folders.
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Not sure what's causing it, but just built a new server 2 days ago and haven't seen this issue. Nothing attempts to remove the folder.
I have installed it on a free image of ubuntu have deployed mounts, navigated to /mnt/ and executed ls and then waited about 2 or 3 minutes and done ls again and seen the move folder gone

The screenshot is from before a did a fresh install but the same is happening




This has been fixed, yes it was related to the cleaner. Redeploying PGClone will fix this. You may need to mkdir /mnt/move


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So now I'm getting this in pgui

Fatal error: Directory is not empty: /mnt/gdrive If you want to mount it anyway use: --allow-non-empty option

On a fresh install of pgblitz gdrive is not mounting and that screenshot is what I see when deploying mounts




This should be fixed if you redeploy now.

BTW if this error occurs then it means that when the service is stopped that folder /mnt/gdrive has folders/files inside it, which isn't a good thing and causes other issues. Redeploying should ensure this issue is fixed by ensuring the mount folders are empty when unmounted.

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