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Discussion Migrate encrypted PG Move => encrypted PG Blitz


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OK, I'm convinced to move from PG Move to PG Blitz :)

The problem is, I have about 10TB of content on my encrypted Gdrive, so I really want to make sure that I can migrate that data before making any irreversible changes.

So, just to make sure: if I use the same password and hash in T-drive, I should be able to move the encrypted content from my G-drive to my T-drive without issue?


cp /opt/appdata/plexguide/rclone.conf /opt/appdata/plexguide/backup.rclone.conf

then redeploy the mounts

open the backup file ! use the old hash > add it to the new rclone.conf and well done

but you dont need to move all files

/mergerfs made it for you ^^


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So what you're saying is that even when using Team drive, it will still mount the "old" G-drive, and mergerfs will load them as a merged folder in /mnt/unionfs?

I have all api keys, secrets, passwords and hashes saved, so in that case I can just skip backing up the conf file and can just install PG Blitz (using the exact same keys) and redeploy?


yes ,,, thats works

type = union
remotes = gdrive: tdrive: gcrypt: tcrypt: /mnt/move


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Awesome, it works.

Was easy to set up: I had my old G-drive installed with all the keys in place. Only thing I had to add was the T-drive specific stuff, which worked great.

Unionfs auto mounted everything, no need for any manual changes.

Speeds have improved majorly (I can see it in my netdata). Great.

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