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Discussion Maxed out Team drive, getting teamDriveFileLimitExceeded error


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Is there any way to create a 2nd team drive in Pgblitz? I have maxed my current team drive out and am now getting this error:

failed to make directory: googleapi: Error 403: The file limit for this shared drive has been exceeded., teamDriveFileLimitExceeded


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In PG9 after it's stablized, Ill have a system to set this in place; but this is not an easy feat and takes awhile. You would have to mount a new one via the normal process. From there, you'll have to crate your own .rclone config for the 1st drive and make a service to mount it. You will also have to modify the unionfs script to merge that drive also. A tip I have seen for people is that your drive may be full of junk files; like a bunch of .txt files and .nfos.

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