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Discussion --Max-transfer reached. Plex no longer playing files. <SOLVED>


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Having a weird issue with PG Blitz today. Unable to play files on plex. PGUI log shows this error for the file I'm trying to play.

ReadFileHandle.Read error: low level retry 1/10: Max transfer limit reached as set by --max-transfer

Checked my Drive API to confirm no bans.I'm using 20 SA's with PGBlitz encrypted. my vnstat for the last 48 hours :

07/31/19 333.79 GB | 470.22 GB | 804.01 GB | 9.53 MB/s

08/01/19 410.99 GB | 192.98 GB | 603.97 GB | 7.16 MB/s

08/02/19 126.84 GB | 234.48 GB | 361.33 GB | 5.16 MB/s

I've temporary avoided this issue by changing the --max-transfer limit to 800G in the PGClone menu.

How do I avoid having this problem again ?


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Thank you MrDoob. I have done that.. lets hope it does not recur again. I will update this post. I have also re-set the upload limit back to 750G


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Can confirm this also happened to myself today.

Stumbled across the change limit and redeploy myself and had it all up and running again.

However just for myself and other users (as we're all keen!) what could've been the reason for this, out of curiosity?

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