Mac Plex server, Plexdrive setup help needed.


Blitz 3rd Class
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Hi All,

I've got a MacMini 2012 2.6Ghz/16GB ram and SSD running as a plex server just fine for a little while.
I've got a spare gdrive unlimited account, and would like to use it with plexrive.

I'm running MacOS High Sierra Server 10.13.6, and Im little confused on how to install plexdrive.
I hope somebody here can help me out.

I cam acros this link from github :

But so far I can only find Linux builds, and no MacOS builds, I think some linux 64Bit versions should also run on MacOS ?
But how can I install it ?
I Suppose this is terminal work.. ?

I have already installed FUSE for MacOS.
I suppose Plexdrive does support MacOS, since it states in release 5.0.0 MacOS playback issue bugfix.

I hope somebody can help me out, thanks in advance !


Blitz 3rd Class
Original poster
i've looked into it, but cannot figure out as of yet how to run or install this precomplied plexdrive version for MacOS.
I recently installed homebrew for macOS, I think I have to run it maybe trough homebrew ?

But I cannot find a way as of yet, on how to run or install it on my Mac.
Maybe somebody here has got experience with MacOS and plexdrive ?

I found this post online :
Maybe it can help MacOS users out there.. ?

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