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Mac Plex server, Plexdrive setup help needed.


Junior Member
Hi All,

I've got a MacMini 2012 2.6Ghz/16GB ram and SSD running as a plex server just fine for a little while.
I've got a spare gdrive unlimited account, and would like to use it with plexrive.

I'm running MacOS High Sierra Server 10.13.6, and Im little confused on how to install plexdrive.
I hope somebody here can help me out.

I cam acros this link from github :

But so far I can only find Linux builds, and no MacOS builds, I think some linux 64Bit versions should also run on MacOS ?
But how can I install it ?
I Suppose this is terminal work.. ?

I have already installed FUSE for MacOS.
I suppose Plexdrive does support MacOS, since it states in release 5.0.0 MacOS playback issue bugfix.

I hope somebody can help me out, thanks in advance !


Junior Member
i've looked into it, but cannot figure out as of yet how to run or install this precomplied plexdrive version for MacOS.
I recently installed homebrew for macOS, I think I have to run it maybe trough homebrew ?

But I cannot find a way as of yet, on how to run or install it on my Mac.
Maybe somebody here has got experience with MacOS and plexdrive ?

I found this post online : https://github.com/dweidenfeld/plexdrive/issues/316
Maybe it can help MacOS users out there.. ?
That's - roughly - what I do.

I eventually gave up on trying to run the encryption natively under macOS and decided to go the virtual route.

Using Parallels Desktop, I'm running Ubuntu with 2 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage.

Has enough umph to run NZBGet, Sonarr and Radarr.

/mnt is shared via Samba.

As for Plex server, I employ an Nvidia Shield.

Runs 4K Remux'ed Blu-Rays like a charm.

Manage to stream two 4K Remuxes plus one 1080p file simultaneously.

On a 40+ Mb upstream connection, I have set the bandwidth limit for uploading to Drive to 20.

Chuckling along merrily.

Heads up: Most 4K Remux versions feature a DD.5.1 "compatibility" audio track in addition to DTS or Atmos. If using an Apple TV as Plex client for a Shield Server, select that one. Reason: On the Shield, there is no hardware transcoding for DTS/Atmos to DD. It will stutter. For Plex Client on the Shield, there's no such problem.

Bottom line:
  • Virtual Ubuntu with PlexGuide does act like a NAS, serving local network access to the encrypted unlimited GDrive
  • plus it automatically downloads new movies/tv shows
  • Plex server on Shield does all the transcoding necessary
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Junior Member
thanks for your help guys.

I was thinking can't i just get it working withouth a VM or docker container.. ?
And just run Rclone with cache to link to my plex server running on MacOS..?

So i installed homebrew for macos, and rclone and stuff, and used the following toturial :

But i must have done something wrong here, since the folder does does not mount or link to my gdrive account.
For example when i place a file in the directiry that is linked to rclone crypt, gdrive does not see the file..

I hope somebody can help me out, thanks so far !


Senior Member
A few months ago I tried unsuccessfully to get rclone cache successfully functioning on a Mac. I instead ran PG inside a VM on Ubuntu. This worked great and I eventually got a small server and run it off that. Not to dissuade you or anything, just my 2c.


Data Hoarding Primate
You could also just run ubuntu on it and be done with it. I had an old mac-mini server doing just that before I patched it to current osx.


Full Member
I second the install Ubuntu directly. I have a 7 year old mini I breathed new life in to with Ubuntu. It runs my local dns cache and ldap and I plan to set it up as a local “nas head” for g/thrive as I think it might be just fast enough.


Junior Member
I second the Ubuntu. I have a 2012 mac mini (lowest model) and run with ubuntu installed on ATT fiber. Haven't had any slow downs as of yet. I've had 4 direct streams at once without issue. I tell my users to run Original quality instead of having the little thing transcode.

Only slow down I've seen is on a giant 4k HDR file.

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