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Discussion Lots of Partial Files on TDrive


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Every time I have a browse via SSH and Midnight Commander I see lots of .partial files on my TDrive. Is this expected behaviour and is there any reason why Blitz cannot remove those over a certain age when it is run? or do we need a cleanup script?


Blitz 1st Class
PGBlitz exempts this. I haven't seen this issue I. Quite a long time. Have you tested.on another box?
This is my 4th from scratch build (2 on Hetzner and 2 on Netcup) and I still have partial files. It is POSSIBLE they are old files from earlier builds but I obviously need to get rid of them.

Is there a simple find/delete command I need to run to zap them all and then I will know any more I find are 100% definite new ones (I installed 8.6.3 on this build from day 1). ??


Can you post an file name. So we can --exclude this for the update.

find /mnt/unionfs/ -name "*.partial" -type f


Blitz 1st Class
Example file:

./tv/tv_live/Deadliest Catch/Deadliest Catch - S15E03 - Swarm Chasers - WEBDL-720p.mkv.partial~

I just worked out for myself how to delete them en mass so have done so with this (for my own future reference!)

find . -type f -name "**partial~" -exec rm -f {} \;


dont use --> find . -type f -name "**partial~" -exec rm -f {} \;

the . > is for / all folders

specify the folder

the code muste the run as

find /mnt/unionfs/ -type f -name "**partial~" -exec rm -f {} \;

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