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Discussion Losing your media on Gsuite


Junior Member
Hey guys I'm new around here and I wanna applaud you guys for taking the time to make this program. The idea of running a Cloud media server was so attractive to me so I started my own. After long nights tinkering around .(I'm basically new to Linux Os which I'm starting to really like and understand why its so powerful) I finally was able to deploy a server running without problems. (thanks guys for the well written guides and videos, and the fast answers here on the forums). The cloud has its advantages and risks. Now that got me wondering. What are the chances that google terminate your Gsuite account and losing all your data. Is there any way to protect from that aside from downloading the media


Junior Member
what do you mean don't share your account? Sharing media with my users through Plex is okay? (I mean that was the goal for me)
If by sharing account you mean the Gsuit account then no that's an idea that never crossed my mind. ( thanks for the heads up though).


Data Hoarding Primate
I don't recall hearing of anyone who didn't publicly share links loosing an account, if you are concerned, encrypt.


Full Member
Sorry to resurrect an old thread...would using nextcloud and sharing out "nextcloud-links" count as "giving out links" to the gdrive?

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