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Local dedi setup file system issue


Junior Member
Hello, I've been running pgblitz (prior plexguide) now for a couple of months without any issues on an old dell optiplex. Yesterday during some moving of files to /mnt/unionfs it crashed somehow and now I can't do anything anymore (plex server is down, tautulli and netdata also). I still can access the console via ssh. When I try to start a sudo plexguide (or pgupdate) or something on the console it always puts something out like:

/opt/plexguide/menu/functions/install.sh: line 32: /var/plexguide/server.ip: Rea d-only file system
/opt/plexguide/menu/functions/install.sh: line 41: /var/plexguide/os.version: Re ad-only file system
/opt/plexguide/menu/functions/install.sh: line 43: /var/plexguide/pg.mergerinsta ll: Read-only file system

Is there any chance to get this running again or do I have to reinstall the whole server?
thanks for your help
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