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Keep sb69 or switch ex52nvme

Assists Greatly with Development Costs


Blitz 3rd Class
SB69 stats

Dedicated Root Server SB69
     * Intel Xeon E5-1650V2
     * 2x HDD SATA 2,0 TB Enterprise
     * 4x RAM 16384 MB DDR3 ECC reg.
     * NIC 1 Gbit
     *  - Intel I350
     * Location: NBG1
     * Rescue system (English)
Comes to $65.69

Ex52 nvme

Comes to $61.18

Looks to me like a downside is the lack of enterprise drive but the processor is more powerful and ddr4 ram as opposed to ddr3 other than that I'm unsure if I should switch or not. Looking for advice


Blitz 3rd Class
It's cheaper, has stupidly fast NVMe drives and the i7-8700 has an iGPU that Plex can use for Hardware transcoding.

I'd switch in a heartbeat.

Edit to add - In the Hetzner Robot interface if you cancel your order (specifically the order, not server - you'll see there's two options) within 14 days they won't charge you. It isn't a free trial though because if you do this too often they'll stop supplying you with servers.


Blitz 3rd Class
This is the performance of my EX42-NVMe according to Sabnzbd. The NVMe drives are fast.

System performance (Pystone)
124739 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700…
Download folder speed
638.5 MB/s (/mnt/incomplete/sabnzbd)
Complete folder speed
633.7 MB/s (/mnt/downloads/sabnzbd)

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