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Ionos vps xl


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I live in Wiltshire uk I have 6 users on Plex, I am running a hetzner ex42 at the moment. To be honest it’s great but my circumstances have changed and I would like to cut some cost does anyone know if a 4 core 8gds and 160gb ssd would be any good for my purposes, I would like to upload using it as well


Junior Member
Hard to say without more info, how many streams and transcodes do you normally have at 1 time?


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Normally only 1 maybe 2 the most is 3, most transcode as they use PlayStation and Samsung tvOS, I transcode at home as I have poor internet ( rural uk) I do see that they do a 30 day moneyback offer at the moment so I may give it a go and see


Junior Member
A VPS should be ok for a couple of users, although the transcoding may cause an issue. Like you said best bet is probably just to try it and see what happens.

Another option might be to keep an eye on the server auctions through hetzner. I pay £30ish a month for an i7-3770 with 32gb of ram and 2x2tb hdd, the VPS you mentioned will be £24 after the promo period so not a huge difference, depending on your budget of course.

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