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Blitz Samurai
does any1 have an invite to Drunkenslug or one that is better. gone from torrenting to usenet. and i need a good NZB indexer :)


Blitz Sergeant
oz is closed, omg closed(for now-they do open invites a few times a year..) and im sorry but i dont have any ds invites left.
try the reddit usenet invites thread and you'll get one pm'd within minutes.
you'll not improve much(if at all) on geeks(vip) in my opinion.

if you ever get into nzbs.org (LOL) then that is the holy grail.


Project Manager
do you have an url for the reddit :)
i think he's saying u need to search reddit, usenet area and etc for anyone else sharing or when they open.


Blitz Noob
Dunno about the reddit posts .. .all seem quite old to me .. i seem to have invites on both nzbplanet and dognzb ... but no nzbs.org (had that for decades lol) ... i find nzbplanet more reliable anyway!

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