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Invites Invite rules!


Project Manager
1.) Never post any email address
2.) If you want share . Send the user an PN.
3.) When I see any post with an email address , I delet the post !

Why : that's not an closed Thread !

All user can see the mail address !

also the users who are not registered see your email address.

So be careful ! And never post your mail address !

That's a security risk !!


Blitz 1st Class
Also be aware of the invite rules of the tracker/indexer youre trying to get into. If your username matches your profile, and someone sees you exchanging invites for stricter trackers like BTN, PTP, GGN, and several others YOU WILL get banned if reported. IPT should be fine. Just be careful, we are not liable if you or the person you invite break any rules set by your tracker/indexer.

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