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Intersection of Plex Remote Access, PG Shield, and Port Guard

I'm a bit confused about the proper Plexguide setup to allow remote access to my Plex server. (Not just me but other family members with their own Plex accounts.) The relationship between Plex Remote Access settings, PG Shield, and Port Guard isn't obvious to me. In my case I have a cloud hosted server setup with a public IPv4 and IPv6 address. What's the proper setup for each?

  1. PG Shield - Do I include Plex as an app under PG Shield or not?
  2. Port Guard - Do I enable Port Guard? There doesn't appear to be any settings here to include/exclude particular apps.
  3. Plex - Do I enable Remote Access under Plex? What about the network settings?



Project Manager
  1. no
  2. port guard protects outside port access (plex is exempt)
  3. Yes, nothing has to occur with the network. use plex remote edition.

When setting up PG 8.8; my goal is to streamline the misc stuff. Working on 8.6 right now


Senior Member
As Admin said, install everything as normal. When you install Plex, install as remote or whatever the non-local option is. Be sure you remote server has port 32400 open. If you're having trouble still, take a look at your Cloudflare (or applicable) settings. I've got a rule for plex.mytld.com and another for *.mytld.com to differentiate, but BL the Plex is set up as "SSL: Full, Cache Level: Bypass, Automatic HTTPS Rewrites: On".

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