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Installing Plex on my VPS. Using GCE to feed teamdrive. Couple of questions


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Hey guys,

I finally managed to setup GCE and its working great. I bought a cheap VPS from OVH for the needed Plexguide installation. Now I'm thinking about using the OVH VPS for plex (I don't share my server and only Direct Play).
I have fully setup GCE and have a couple of questions now.

1. What do I need to do to get Plex working on my OVH VPS? Setup Traefic, PG Shield, close ports, setup mounts and install Plex? Is that it? (Please tell me if I'm wrong).

2. Do I use the same domain as on my GCE to setup Traefik?

3. If I set up traefik on both my VPS and GCE will 2 docker containers appear in portainer.mydomain.com? This part is a little confusing!

I appreciate any help! Awesome community we got here!
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