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Discussion how can i share 1 gdrive subscription with 2 plexguide instances using PG Move?


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I Have 1 gdrive ent subscription setup on 1 PG instance using PG Move, now id like to share this Gdrive sub with a 2nd PG instance using PG Move but how can i setup the 2nd PG Move to use a folder on Gdrive rather than the root thats already being used by the first instance??

I have two PG instances using one GDrive subscription. I believe you need to create a folder in GDrive called Movies1, and move all existing content into it. Go to your first PG instance, modify the library path to "/unionfs/Movies1", and run a full scan. Now create a Movies2 folder in your GDrive root, go to your second PG instance, and add a Movies library with the path of "/unionfs/Movies2". If I understood your question right, that should allow you to share one GDrive subscription with two PG server instances. You can also create TV or Videos folders for different library types. Good luck!


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How do i modify the unionfs folder name locations on the instances?

Also the 2nd instance will only be using Deluge would it be easier to leave the folder names as is for instance 1 but add the same gdrive sub to instance 2 but then just setup deluge to move to /unionfs/deluge or will it need to goto /unionfs/move/deluge?
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