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Home server


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I have just setup unRAID on my local machine
I5 8400
16gb ram
Samsung 250gb m.2 ssd
2x 4tb
1x 3tb
1x 2tb
1x 6tb parity drive
I have setup PlexGuide as a vm
Is it better to run Ubuntu as the Os instead of unRAID and not worry about raid?


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Depends on what your doing, if your just accessing your gsuite and not feeding it from your home server, then its better just to run a couple of scripts to mount gsuite and use containers. If your uploading you can still do that without Pgblitz but its easier with Pgblitz.

There is a a extensive post on the unraid forums with user scripts. If you need help with the scripts just pm me. The post on the forums is for encrypted but I modified the scripts for non encrypted.


unRAID used ZFS raid.

That's a stripe raid btw split raid

Read here :


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