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Home Server PGBlitz file access ONLY?


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My main plex etc services are running in the cloud on Ubuntu 18.04lts with a VPS with PGBlitz encrypted. I have a little Ubuntu 18.04lts server at home that I would like to set up and run only PGBlitz on so I can see and manipulate the files locally. Is this possible? Is there a guide or a list of steps somewhere? I can install pgblits locally and use that if it is easiest . I have this working so well in the VPS I don't want to inadvertently mess that up while getting access to the same files.


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Anyone? I have installed the basic plexguide locally, but I am not sure which steps to go through to access the same gdrive/gcrypt & tdrive/tcrypt volumes as I have running on my remote server.


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I personally have can't help you with this, I don't utilize the google drive scripts. Hopefully someone sees this and is willing to share some knowledge.


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You just want to access your media on the google drive? Or...you want to run all the arr/nzb clients also locally? If you just want to access your media...you can just use the GDrive web UI. If you want, you could install PGBlitz locally and point it at your GDrive with no issues. You'll run into issues attempting to add things to Plex since your server isn't local.

BL - what exactly are you trying to do?

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