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Holy Cr4p! Great Group! Query About the Gsuite


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Noob to PG. and apologies if inthe wrong forum area. Like the idea of the GSuite. Currently running a Freenas install with a local HD setup of aprox 32TB. and if all good probable migrate to gsuite!

Have installed PG on the latest Ubuntu offering and love it and the hard work you guys have done. I have got by with limited Linux knowledge for along time between suse and ubuntu, but how you have managed to slipstream all of this is awesome (am a NZB guy)!

I need to understand the difference between the $5 and $10 offering from gsuite. I am assuming its the $5 suite is the one to go for in the reference links ? 1tb limit is supposed to be unlimited after the 1 tb mark but just wanted to check.


PG Noob and luvving it!


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It's the $10 one (at least that's what I have). That has the unlimited storage. The $5 one is limited to 30GB. Even though the $10 states it's 1TB if less than 5 users, I don't think that is enforced. There's only my account on GSuite, and I'm currently at over 6TB :)

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