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Discussion Hitting 750G cap on tdrive...


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I'm trying to copy a large folder on my tcrypt drive to another one in the same tcrypt drive. It started copying fine and was going at over 1.5GB/s but right at the 750GB mark it stopped. I thought tcrypt mount was exempt from the 750gb cap? When I mounted my drives I created 6 keys which should be more than plenty. Is something setup incorrectly on my mounts? I have another folder that is over 4TB that I need to copy as well. I used this command:

rclone copy tcrypt:/folder1/ tcrypt:/folder2/ -v --ignore-existing

This is where it stopped:
Transferred:      749.188G / 1.757 TBytes, 42%, 2.062 GBytes/s, ETA 8m28s
Errors:                 0
Checks:                 8 / 8, 100%
Transferred:          570 / 1564, 36%
Elapsed time:      6m3.2s
Thanks for any info.


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no there still is a 750gb cap. What's happening is service accounts are rotating around. So 4 keys would equal 3TB, but that's 750gb on each service account. Since it's one large transfer, it would never finish because of the 750gb would be hit for that. The keys cannot rotate on 1 transfer.

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