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Hey everyone!

Great to join what looks to be a fantastic community. Since finding out about the potential of this software and what it can do for me, I've been completely absorbed in setting this up, with it consuming just about all my spare time this week!

Considering I didn't even really know what a VPS was this time last week, I have a beginners level of linux knowledge and not really knowing how a DNS server worked at a mapping level, I've learned so much over the last week! I'm just amazed I have PlexGuide working with all the apps on a subdomain and it works for the most part flawlessly which I'm so happy about!

So a huge thank you to everyone who's contributed to this project, I'm looking forward to being able to contribute myself!

Have a great weekend!

- Kiminoth


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hey, that's the best part to hear! as a noob, you learned a ton and that's what the project is really about! a few may thank it's about advancing other things, but simply... it's a learning project. like yourself, i had 0 linux knowledge and this forced me along with others to get a better understanding. without the help and support of others, this project would have fallen on the way side. you'll experience github as being trival and most devs being really stiff to work with (and don't like noobs contributing). we have the polar opposite view here :D thanks for the awesome words (fueled motivation for the day... haha). The person with high energy is @MrDoob showed up out of nowhere with no understanding and now adds to code as many others. feel free to tackle anything at any angle.
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you always learn, there is never (own view) a project which is really one in one hundred percent satisfactory, we always work (really always / every day) on this project and want to improve it, perfect it and make it easier that really everybody use it can. without really knowing what linux is and how to use it.

Every suggestion is welcome here and we try to implement it. We like it when users find a project great and learn something themselves. I arrived very late but help guys here as well as possible.

and @Admin9705 i do my best everyday :D

Kind regards
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