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Discussion Hetzner Upload Speed is different in the evening/weekend [SOLVED]


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I have a Hetzner dedicated server (1Gbit/s up/download) and I am facing the following behavior.

On workdays during the day (08.00 - ~16.00 MEZ) I have a download speed of 25-30 MB/s trough plex from my server to my home.
In the evenings and weekend the same download is only around 500 KB/s. While having these slow downs, the up- and downloads to my gdrive works perfectly fine at around 70/MBs.
Also the direct download of a file trough SCP from my server or the download of the sample files from https://speed.hetzner.de/ gives me the same slow speeds (500KB/s). Therefore the problem must be between Hetzner an my home, but i am not able to narrow the issue down further and I also dont think its related to my connection at home (250/50 Mbit/s).

Do you guys have the same experience with hetzner?

My Hetzner Server is in Germany and I live in switzerland, if that is of interest.

Kind regards.

Here are the results from the speedtest from PG:

[3] Simple SpeedTest

Testing download speed................................................................................
Download: 528.90 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed................................................................................................
Upload: 569.42 Mbit/s

[2] System & Network Benchmark - Advanced

Benchmark started on 09-Feb-2019 15:32:42

## System Information

OS Name : Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS (64 bit)
Kernel : Dedicated / 4.4.0-141-generic
Hostname : plexguide
CPU Model : Common KVM processor
CPU Cores : 4 cores @ 3192.000 MHz
CPU Cache : 16384 KB
Total RAM : 12015 MiB (Free 10288 MiB)
Total SWAP : 975 MiB (Free 167MiB)
Total Space : 4.1PB (51% used)
Running for : 10days - 02hrs 32min 12sec

## CDN Speedtest

CacheFly : 96.76 MiB/s | 774.11 Mbps | ping 5.053ms
CDN.net :ping: unknown host 993660212.r.worldcdn.net
0 B/s | N/A | ping error!

## North America Speedtest

Softlayer, Washington, USA : 3.00 MiB/s | 24.04 Mbps | ping 104.641ms
SoftLayer, San Jose, USA : 1.00 MiB/s | 7.98 Mbps | ping 151.257ms
SoftLayer, Dallas, USA : 1.58 MiB/s | 12.65 Mbps | ping 126.320ms
Vultr, New Jersey, USA : 24.38 MiB/s | 195.07 Mbps | ping 82.958ms
Vultr, Seattle, USA : 10.45 MiB/s | 83.63 Mbps | ping 176.864ms
Vultr, Dallas, USA : 13.90 MiB/s | 111.20 Mbps | ping 132.705ms
Vultr, Los Angeles, USA : 9.86 MiB/s | 78.87 Mbps | ping 164.268ms
Ramnode, New York, USA : 7.38 MiB/s | 59.01 Mbps | ping 93.959ms
Ramnode, Atlanta, USA : 3.21 MiB/s | 25.67 Mbps | ping 111.264ms
OVH, Beauharnois, Canada : 6.36 MiB/s | 50.90 Mbps | ping 90.883ms

## Europe Speedtest

Vultr, London, UK : 75.17 MiB/s | 601.37 Mbps | ping 16.374ms
LeaseWeb, Frankfurt, Germany : 62.09 MiB/s | 496.70 Mbps | ping 5.415ms
Hetzner, Germany : 70.50 MiB/s | 564.03 Mbps | ping 3.036ms
Ramnode, Alblasserdam, NL : 70.52 MiB/s | 564.18 Mbps | ping 12.757ms
Vultr, Amsterdam, NL : 77.81 MiB/s | 622.45 Mbps | ping 11.596ms
EDIS, Stockholm, Sweden : 54.53 MiB/s | 436.25 Mbps | ping 32.042ms
OVH, Roubaix, France : 79.57 MiB/s | 636.56 Mbps | ping 13.245ms
Online, France : 171.06 KiB/s | 1.34 Mbps | ping error!
Prometeus, Milan, Italy : 22.77 MiB/s | 182.20 Mbps | ping 17.431ms

## Exotic Speedtest

Sydney, Australia : 508.02 KiB/s | 3.97 Mbps | ping 319.100ms
Lagoon, New Caledonia : 33.87 KiB/s | 0.26 Mbps | ping 317.778ms
Hosteasy, Moldova : 2.33 MiB/s | 18.63 Mbps | ping 45.303ms
Prima, Argentina : 72.39 KiB/s | 0.57 Mbps | ping error!

## Asia Speedtest

SoftLayer, Singapore : 617.97 KiB/s | 4.83 Mbps | ping 171.614ms
Linode, Tokyo, Japan : 802.18 KiB/s | 6.27 Mbps | ping 260.731ms
Linode, Singapore : 4.08 MiB/s | 32.65 Mbps | ping 257.256ms
Vultr, Tokyo, Japan : 3.15 MiB/s | 25.16 Mbps | ping 272.807ms

## IO Test

CPU Speed:
bzip2 512MB - 151 MB/s
sha256 512MB - 259 MB/s
md5sum 512MB - 690 MB/s

Disk Speed (512MB):
I/O Speed - 1.4 GB/s
I/O Direct - 100 MB/s

RAM Speed (1024MB):
Avg. write - 4608.0 MB/s
Avg. read - 8362.7 MB/s


Senior Member
not rocking a hetzner, but to elimitate any issues with your home setup -> have you tried from another source or even connecting using a vpn from home?
there are many different ways to look at this.

i also read somewhere that the hetzner ubuntus have some limitations in terms of network speeds in their image, workarround as far as i know is using debian. don't know if that could be something...


The fact that it happens during certain times makes it obvious their Network is oversold and people are sucking up all the bandwidth during those times.

This could either be in the hetzner side or your local ISP.

Use fast.com from home to test speeds when you notice the hetzner speed drop


Junior Member
did some more testing..
From my work network I am able to download with the normal speed (25-30MB/s) even though the network at home only gets me (500KB/s) at the same time! but the limitation only affects hetzner somehow.. from other sources i am able to download at full speed. (fast.com or https://www.thinkbroadband.com/download)
I also tried putting a reverse proxy in front of plex (in case my ISP would not throttle https traffic), but that did not help either. I will try to talk to my ISP next week.

thanks for the suggestions


Junior Member
Interesting. Your Speedtest gave me 202/33 Mbps.
When I run the openspeedtest docker container on my server I get these results: 45.9/33.8M Mbps.


Install netdata....maybe IO is your bottlenecks or just bad HW


Full Member
Try using BBR. When I had my Hetzner server, reno, cubic, highspeed, etc would give around 10Mbps with 50Mbps spikes that lasted only a few seconds. I've had about 3 different servers with Hetzner and only 1 didn't require BBR to get good download speeds (FTP to home). I have 1Gbps at home and the best I ever got, single tcp file transfer, was 200Mbps.


Junior Member
To give little bit more context: My plex server is virtualized with proxmox and an OPNSense Firewall sits in front of it.
But all this should not matter because the server brings the upload performance during work days. So far I can conclude that hetzner is not oversold (up/downloads from gdrive at 70mbps), no IO bottleneck/bad HW also when I experience slow downs (only for hetzner, not other sources), the download speed at my work place is good enough. Therefore I think the problem must occure from within my ISP's network.

I tried using BBR with no difference. But I am not sure if that is even helpfull when my server is behind OPNSense.


Legendary Member
Turns out hawk2g was right! All I was missing was a reboot (or more patience).

Enabling bbr did the trick and connection speeds are now 25mbps+
I had to migrate my Plex Instance from a CentOS VM to a Debian VM, because bbr needs Linux Kernel 4.9 or newer.

The guide I used is here: https://dreamcreator108.com/dreams/debian-stretch-enable-bbr/

Thanks guys (y)
This is really great information, and the site you posted has very simple, short, and clear instructions.

@Admin9705 This post above should get more visibility. It made a measurable difference in initial access speed as well as sustained throughput from two European servers to the US for me.


Senior Member
So this is definitely recommended then. Bit of a late find this for me.
I'll be seeing if this is implemented into the network tweak if it isn't already.


Respected Member
Turns out hawk2g was right! All I was missing was a reboot (or more patience).

Enabling bbr did the trick and connection speeds are now 25mbps+
I had to migrate my Plex Instance from a CentOS VM to a Debian VM, because bbr needs Linux Kernel 4.9 or newer.

The guide I used is here: https://dreamcreator108.com/dreams/debian-stretch-enable-bbr/

Thanks guys (y)
I had to log in as root through WinSCP to make the changes in the Hetzner sysctl.conf file and not the main sysctl.conf.

This change is making my life so much more happy so far.... I haven't speed tested this, but this has greatly improved my server's perceptable performance for streaming.... even on mobile.
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