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Help with Starting New PlexGuide

I want to make a server using a pre-existing computer I have lying around. I want to use it for remote streaming for my family members. I was going to utilize Google cloud for storage space. Now my question is, does my upload speed matter when I am streaming remotely? Does Plex just use the link from Google cloud and download from their gigabit connection? (assuming direct play) Thanks for the help!


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The way PGBlitz (and any Plex Server) will work is the media will be downloaded to your computer (or wherever your server is), and then uploaded to the user trying to watch whatever, and then transcoded as required. You'll essentially download then upload your media simultaneously.

You could use a remote vm or something to avoid this, but there's no way to stream directly from google using Plex (which is good, because google would ban your account with a very high likelihood).

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