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Help with local setup


Junior Member
[sorry, shortened my question since I got a ban on my IP, without knowing why]

I am struggling to find a good recipe here how to run PGBLITZ locally.

Can someone point me in the good direction?

Thanks & thanks to the devs here doing an incredible job ?
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Senior Member
You could just run PGblitz on a unbuntu VM along with plex, then mount your nas drive in the VM and also add the mount to fstab so it survives and mounts after a reboot.


Junior Member
oh my, must have been a bad question ... now my IP is banned from the forum?

My plan is, to not run PLEX in a VM anymore, because I heard it performs less good (when it comes to HWT and Transcoding in general) in a VM, than installed plain in a OS ?
I'd rather just run all other stuff in Docker and only PLEX on the OS itself
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Senior Member
thats not true at all you can HW transcode in os version or container, its actually easier in os tbh and even better if you have a nivdia gpu and long as you can passthrough devices your all good.


Junior Member
thanks Porkie for your replies :)
Can you point me to where I find a little more on "passing through devices"?
I don't have a nvidia in my nuc, it's an Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580.


Junior Member
weird, i didn‘t slam anything & kerp being banned. Gotta post through Torbrowser to avoid the block ...

Maybe just delete my posts then? Hate to be banned for no reason.

Or I just visit next week again

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