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Discussion Help for starting a Plex server


Hi all ,
I would like to have a Plex server to use in my house, I usually use 3 plex at the same time, preferably direct stream, but when it is not possible I do some transcode.
I have 100 / 10Mbps connection, but since I am from Brazil and generally the servers are EU or US / CA I can not choose very high quality, so I intend to only put movies / series 1080p 4mbps and 720p 4mbps that is already great.
I intend to use the same with a Gsuite account, it is viable, correct?
Is there any form of the file already being sent to Gsuite with the config that I quoted to avoid doing the transcode?
Like, some script that does this before it gets sent to the Gsuite account.
Downloads by torrents
Of course I'll need subtitles in Portuguese, Sub-zero for that, correct?
Which server do you recommend? and config? With a low price if possible

Thank you!

ps: sorry for bad english
ps2: Someone here make these settings in any seedbox / vps? How much charge?


Senior Member
If you want 1080 or 720 version of media, they’ll be readily available just about everywhere, so you should be fine. If you mean transcoding from that to another format prior to importing into Plex, I’m not sure how to do that. I do know Plex will make “optimized” versions for you that you can set at whatever so you don’t have to transcode on the fly.

As far as VPS recommendations I do everything local so unknown. Good look!

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