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Invites [H] IPTorrents and NZBPlanet [W] DogNZB or OMGWTFNZB


Blitz 3rd Class
I have several IPTorrents and NZBPlanet invites.

Would love to get DOGnzb, Drukenslug, or other private NZB tracker invites.


Blitz 1st Class
i have invites for nzbcat and dognzb if your interested

i dont need invites in return as i have them all already


Blitz 1st Class
I'm out of invites for slug, and am already in IPT. Omg just did open up an invite window though and I have some if you want them.
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Blitz 1st Class
I don't have anything to share at the moment except hon3yhd - not sure if you would be interested in Indian content though.

I would really appreciate an invite to NZBplanet.

Thanks in advance.


Blitz 1st Class
i have 4 invites for torrentleech if your interested basically all the same torrrentday iptorrents torrentleech

dont need invite in return as i have them all
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Project Manager
Just asking very shy.. are there still any left? sadly i can't provide you with any currently.. i lost track of the trackers (haha) since switching to direct dl. but wanna try it out again. :)


Blitz Sergeant
Just lost nzbs.org so looking for a replacement, slug or nzb planet which ever is better.

I have IPT and Dog invites


Blitz 3rd Class
I only have NZB Planet left. I am already on IP and Dog so need nothing in return. Pm me your email and I'll get you the invite today.

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