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Discussion Google GCE storage slowly disappearing


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So I set up a VM on Google GCE with 1.1 TB of storage space. I set it up with pgblitz and it is working great however over the past day I have downloaded about 2 TB of movies and the download are now all complete and it says I have 720 GB of storage space left. I did not set up Plex on the Google VM and I also made sure that sabnzbd is deleting failed downloads so I am pretty sure it's not that.

Does anybody else have the same issue or know why the storage is slowly but surely going down? Would appreciate any ideas


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Alrighty so I went through all of the logs and there is not any indication that there are issues from sonar and radarr. Very strange.

Im surprised nobody else is having this issue cause I have deployed several GCE virtual machines now and it seems to be consistent where the storage continues to slowly go down after a lot of downloads. Even after doing fresh installs of sabnzbd and sonar and radarr.

Please share if anybody else has any other advice or thoughts and thanks @PlexFan for the suggestion.


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solved this with the command

sudo ncdu /

went through the directory and used that ncdu program to delete all the extra files using the "d" command. The files were building up in the /mnt/downloads/sabnzbd folder.

Hope this helps somebody else :)

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