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GCE activation phone number limit


Junior Member
Hey guys,

Setting up an new google account because my current one has run out of the free credits, however when I went to create it, I got to the step to punch in my phone number to activate and received the error that the phone number has been used to many times.

According to this thread: https://support.google.com/accounts/thread/3334328?hl=en it can only be used for 10 google accounts forever. How is everyone else handling this issue to keep on using the free google credits?


Junior Member
So I'm in the states actually and whenever I sign up for a google account, the first page is pick a username and password and after that it asks for a phone number to "activate" the account. Perhaps I'm totally doing something wrong? Or maybe I should try signing up by VPN'ing to another country first.


Junior Member
hmm so here is what I've been trying:
  • https://cloud.google.com/ and then at the very bottom it says 'Google Cloud Platform' -> "Get started for free", click that.
  • new page opens where it asks me to "sign in" to my account, but at the bottom it has in blue "create account",
  • I click "create account" and it prompts for myself or business, I choose "for myself"
  • the form changes to first / last name, email address and password. If I want, it lets me create an email address or use an existing one.
  • I've tried both creating and using an existing (non google email), however in both cases, when I click to the next page it prompts to "Verify your phone number"... as shown in the attached screenshot.
Anybody else running into this? Or is google just picking on me! ;)


Can confirm the same challenge. Manually removing your phone number and deleting old accounts does not remove the limit of accounts associated with your phone number.
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