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Discussion Garbage Cleaner behaviour


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So I'm investigating some issues I'm having and I was wondering what this snippet is for in the pgblitz.sh script:

  # Removes garbage
  find "/home/downloads" -mindepth 2 -type d -cmin +$cleaner -empty -exec rm -rf {} \;
  find "/home/downloads" -mindepth 2 -type f -cmin +$cleaner -size +1M -exec rm -rf {} \;
Why would the downloads folder need a garbage cleaner script? I've been having files I was seeding removed before I hit my requirements. Was just wondering what the purpose of this behaviour is.

Also, I was wondering how PGBlitz knows when to switch service accounts? My uploads have been stuck all day so far, and a look at the log suggests that the service account it's using to upload has hit the rate limit.

2019/05/12 18:56:14 ERROR : Attempt 1/3 failed with 47 errors and: googleapi: Error 403: User rate limit exceeded., userRateLimitExceeded
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More than likely. I've investigated the scripts more so I've a better understanding of how it all works now than when I made the original post and I think sometimes you'll just be unlucky and it'll try to use a service account that's hit the limit. It doesn't do anything particularly clever to keep track/decide which account to use, it literally just loops through them all and runs an rclone move command.

The more service accounts you have, the less likely you'll be to run into the problem I'd imagine.


the new pgblitz.sh and pgmove have some fixes -->



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Adjust the garbage settings 4 > 1 > c > 7 For torrents adjust to 9999999 which is 6944 days ish.

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