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Discussion fork question about security


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I do like the new fork method and have a community fork setup. nice to just push to the github and pull menu down right after commit. Question though for some containers that require some sensitive info in the ENV portion of the *.yml i.e. if you want email configured on bitwarden or setup a mariadb container and set the rootpassword in the *.yml as needed.

Github not allowing private forks - Does this new method expose possible security risks? if not cool but the version just before that let us dump .ymls to our our mycontainers folder.

Could both methods funciton simultaneasly i.e. still have access to the mycontainers form the plexguide menu (for us paranoid people) as well as the fork method?

Sorry if this is noob kind of questions but really enjoying my dive in the plexguide world and kind of missing the mycontainers and only publicly publishing what I want to when its ready scenario.


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yeah but your yml files seem cleaner (and easier to write) then the json that portainer wants to use


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@Admin9705 so maybe I found my workaround for this on my specific containers but want to confirm I understand any yml file I put in the mycontainers folder show up in the core option of the install apps section of plexguide?

If so this allows me to setup env values or customize labels for traefik that may be sensitive and would not be exposed on github forks. Then for those containers if published on community would just need special instructions in the wiki like:
  1. copy custom.yml to /opt/mycontainers directory (cp /opt/community/custom.yml /opt/mycontainers )
  2. Edit the /opt/mycontainers/custom.yml file (sudo nano /opt/mycontainers/custom.yml )
  3. change ENV or LABELS that are sensitive - ctrl x save
  4. sudo plexguide
Deploy custom app like any other app (it will be in option 1 of core apps)

Am I correct in this assumption?

I am mainly asking because I went with a mariadb with nextcloud and there might be some users who would want the same thing and also on bitwarden the smtp server values are ENV and not sure people want to publish thier SMTP logins and values.

I may over complicating something because of my ignorance with docker as well not sure.


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I answered my own question to this i guess between 8.1.2 and 8.1.5 this ability went away so scratch that. looks like I am just using my own docker-compose.yml and portainer until I figure out how to integrate apps for the community.

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